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EdWorld Producer and DJ!

Dubstep is taking Control over:
Puerto Ricoooo!

DJ and Producer from:
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.
Has 19 Years Old, Since his very first 12 Years Old He has been a lover of Music, Since he just started By making Rap and Reggaeton Beats and Rhymes, at 13 Years Old, he decided to get more Involved into the electronic Music industry. By at 13 Years Old he Played his very own Instrument that was the Acoustic Guitar. At 14 Learned to play the electric Guitar. and at the 15 Years old Played his first Piano and then he Own an Electric Piano for Practicing, He Learned his Very own Song at the week, Named: Titanic - By Celine Dion.
At 16 Years Old Decided to Become a DJ of Any genre. So after his 17 Birthday he started producing his very own tracks, better known as:
EdWorld AE - Breaking the Rule's (Techno)
EdWorld AE - School is Kinda Doom (HardStyle House)
EdWorld AE - Wish Granting Zebra (Dubstep)
EdWorld AE - Fade Between Life's (Dubstep)
EdWorld AE - Heavens vs Hell
EdWorld AE - Gangsta Squad
EdWorld AE - Electronic Mixtape

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